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TradeKing Review

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TradeKing is a very low cost, but still high quality online trading platform. Unlike some of the companies in this category TradeKing is a completely online based company and doesn't have any customer offices in the real world, which is probably why they can keep prices so low. It's also easy to see where TradeKing have cut a few other corners to be able to offer some of the lowest trading prices we have seen. However, the trading platform on offer is still very good quality and many traders won't even notice the things that have been overlooked.

The first thing that is thrown in your face as you arrive at the TradeKing website is a big font announcement of the trading prices on offer. Since this seems like the thing TradeKing is most proud of it seems a good place to start. And yes, TradeKing does offer very low prices on all kinds of trades. In fact, you would probably be hard pushed to find lower anywhere on the web, especially for broker assisted trades which are carried out at no extra charge. All the usual investment types are available too, such as stocks, options funds and fixed income investments. This is great if you are looking for a no frills way of executing your trades and don't need much in the way of advice from professionals, but TradeKing does cut a few corners here and there compared with more expensive platforms.

One such corner is the advice and interaction you can expect from the professional brokers at TradeKing. While more expensive platforms offer freephone services 24 hours a day 7 days a week, Tradeking's phonelines only open during working hours and you will probably have more luck getting through to someone via online chat. This doesn't cause a huge problem if you don't need to get hold of anyone, but new investors might want to carefully consider how much help they think they might need.

TradeKing offers an excellent range of tools for analysing, researching and executing investment ideas. Everything is bundled together in a big package available directly through your web browser and is very easy to use. A wide range of screeners, calculators and other tools are provided to help you get access to the information you need. We can't fault these tools, but many traders prefer to have a desktop client to work with and this is something TradeKing doesn't offer. However, the web based system is almost as good and we had no problems with responsiveness. Another slight corner TradeKing has cut is in not offering dedicated mobile apps through which to access its platform. Instead, the web site has an optimised version for mobile devices, which works well, but lacks the polish of a fully blown app.

For analysing company data and discovering new investments TradeKing offers a wide range of research from reputable sources. While it's all good stuff, in our opinion it's not quite as good as you would expect from a more expensive platform. However, it's likely only the most serious of investors will be bothered by this. To make up for it there is an excellent selection of educational material to help new investors learn different strategies and develop their market knowledge.

TradeKing is a well respected online trading platform and as long as you are comfortable with the sacrifices being made to offer the available prices, we would highly recommend it. There are plenty of online demos and some of the tools can be accessed without an account allowing you to get a feel for how things work so why not check it out?

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