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Fidelity Investments Review

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Fidelity is a well known name in the investment world and, as might be expected, it offers an excellent online trading platform. The range of tools for those who know what they are doing is very impressive and the research available is top quality. If you aren't so confident playing the markets, then there is also plenty of opportunity to learn the ropes and get advice from professional investors. With a wide range of investment types to choose from it should be simple to come up with a profile that gives you what you want.

If you are new to investing and trading, Fidelity would be an excellent choice due to its widely known reputation and the fact it has over one hundred offices around the U.S where you can drop in to talk to a real person rather than handling things by phone or email. Fidelity's staff can provide expert advice and help to build a portfolio that provides you with the income or growth you want at a risk profile you are comfortable with. However, if you know what you want to do with your money and are happy executing trades and making investments yourself, the research provided online should furnish you with all you need to know to make sensible decisions. Taken from a wide variety of sources and presented in a clear, concise manner, it provides in-depth analysis and investment ideas.

Before delving too deeply into any one option it makes sense to take advantage of Fidelity's screening tools to narrow down the list of potential trades or investments to meet your own criteria. These help you screen stocks, options, funds and bonds quickly and easily to decide which is best for you. When you find something you are interested in you can set up alerts on your account to notify you when, say, the price of a stock goes above or below a certain level. If you decide on a strategy, you can use the analysis tools to test it as much as you like including back-testing on previous market data to see how it would have performed. All together these tools provide a rich set to help you choose wise investments.

Fidelity's main trading platform can be accessed online or downloaded as a Windows application. Both are very similar in terms of looks, but we did feel that the Windows version was slightly faster than the online version. The main screen is fully customizable so that you can set it up with the live charts, tickers and feeds that you are interested in. Executing a trade is a very simple process and Fidelity have a unique guarantee that all trades will be carried out within one second. This is essential if you are taking advantage of quickly changing market conditions and not something that many other trading platforms offer. Fidelity also allows you to keep track of your investments on the go with a selection of expertly designed mobile apps for all the major devices.

Fidelity offers a wide range of different investments to choose from, including stocks, options, funds and bonds, and at first it can seem overwhelming to a newcomer. However, the advice offered by professionals is there for that situation and experienced investors will be able to find everything they need very quickly. The fees and commissions structure seems fairly straightforward at first, but you should try to figure out how many trades you might be making because the cost does vary depending on this factor. Also, if you are an active trader you get access to a range of advanced tools for analyzing investments.

Fidelity is a trusted name in investments and we would highly recommend its online trading platform to new or experienced investors. The research on offer is of excellent quality and there is a huge range of tools to help you analyze the data. When it comes to executing trades no one else can match Fidelity's one second guarantee, which could make all the difference in a crucial trade. If nothing else that is a great reason for checking out Fidelity today!

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