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Charles Schwab Review

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Charles Schwab is one of the world's most respected securities companies and as such offers an excellent online trading platform to help customers manage their money effectively. With expert advice and a range of tools ranging from simple, easy access right up to professional grade, there is as much or as little help as you need. Combined with a wide range of investment types to pick from, Charles Schwab provides everything any level of investor could need to maximise the return on their investments.

As a new investor coming to Charles Schwab we are sure you will be impressed at the level of service and the quality of advice on offer from the professional staff. Whether you are looking for basic investment advice or analysis of complex strategies Charles Schwab can provide it and will do its best to help you make good returns. More experienced investors will be able to jump right into the excellent quality research and tools in order to carry out the trades and investments they require. Either way we are sure you won't be disappointed with this online trading platform.

Charles Schwab offers an excellent range of tools that are split up to make it easy for new investors to start out while allowing experienced ones to get straight into making trades and finding new options. Most casual investors will probably find that the basic online range of tools on offer is enough as these allow you to research ideas and place basic trades. These have a very low barrier to entry and don't require much in the way of financial knowledge to get to grips with. However, as your knowledge and confidence increases there are a more advanced set of advanced web based tools which provide even more functionality to help you take advantage of the markets. These allow you to place more complex trades and give access to more in-depth research, but do take a little longer to learn.

The most serious investors will most likely find that the downloadable trading software best suits their requirements. This application packs in some serious technology and advanced tools that try to work in line with the way you think about investing. Amongst many other things it contains advanced screener tools to help you easily discover new options and a fully customizable user interface that lets you arrange charts and tickers exactly as you want them. The extra speed and advanced features give you everything a professional trader would have at their desk allowing you to execute complex strategies and respond quickly to changing market conditions.

The fees Charles Schwab charges for executing trades are quite reasonable and stack up well to the competition. There aren't any account fees or hidden extras either so you know exactly what you will pay. It's even completely free to trade Charles Schwab ETFs. As you would expect there is a wide range of investment types on offer and expert advice is on hand to help you pick what's right for your investment goals.

Charles Schwab is a serious contender in the online trading market and would be well worth a look for any level of investor. The tools on offer are some of the most advanced we have seen, but the tiered structure to them means that new investors can start off simple and work their way up. There are some great offers on at them moment too so we highly recommend having a look as soon as possible.

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