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Please note that OptionsHouse has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of OptionsHouse below, or check out the rest of the US Online Stock Trading Websites we've reviewed.

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OptionsHouse Review

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OptionsHouse has established itself as one of the best value online stock trading platforms out there. The team work hard to continuously improve the trading experience for users, while special offers like "Trade Commission Free for 90 Days" are certainly hard to beat. Beyond that, the rates for making trades are also very reasonable, especially considering that few competitors can match the tools and research on offer by OptionsHouse.

As OptionsHouse offer most of the popular investment types, you can mix and match them to build up a respectable portfolio that is tailored to your personal preferences. So, whether you're risk averse or a high risk taker, OptionsHouse has something to suit you.

Before placing any trades with OptionsHouse, you will probably want to research some investment ideas and get detailed information on the companies or funds involved.

OptionsHouse provides numerous different tools to make the most of market data and interpret it in any way that suits you. The most useful of these tools are probably the Covered Call and Put Spread Investigators which scan available options and report on those which potentially have the highest returns. They might not get it right every time, but if you know what you are looking for it's a great place to start.

As well as a full range of analysis tools, OptionsHouse hosts a wide range of tutorials to help educate people about making sensible investment choices and different investment strategies. These are all free to access and should be essential reading for anyone looking to develop an understanding of financial markets.

To try out some ideas, OptionsHouse has a virtual trading account that starts off with $5,000 of virtual money. You can take full advantage of the trading platform to try out different strategies with your virtual money and hone your skills without risking any real capital. Again, this kind of virtual experience is essential for anyone starting out in this field.

When you are up to speed, OptionsHouse offers a cutting edge technology trading platform as its main entry point into the world of stocks and shares. The user-interface is fully customizable, meaning that you can cram in as much information as you like, or thin it out and only watch the stocks you are interested in.

Live market data is constantly streamed to update real-time charts and figures, so you can react instantly to changing conditions. Once you are set up with an account, one click trading is possible to make sure you don't miss any chances. The whole thing is web based so you can access it from any computer you like and it works equally well on Mac or Windows operating systems.

  The rich platform provides everything you need to analyze market conditions and quickly react in order to maximize your investments.  

There are dedicated Android and iPhone mobile apps. If you are accessing it from any other mobile device, the website also optimizes itself to suit a mobile screen. These are great features which are essential if you want to keep up to date with your investments on the move.

One of OptionsHouse's missions is to lower the barrier to entry into the the world of stocks and shares. It does this by offering great value fees on placing trades to maximise the return on your investments. Up to a certain number of options is charged at a flat fee and then any additional ones are charged at a low rate per contract.

Given the excellent trading platform and wealth of analytical tools this accesses, we think it's a great deal. A full range of different investments is also offered, including stocks and options as well as a wide range of mutual and retirement funds.

OptionsHouse recently finalized a merger with tradeMONSTER, a company that has built its reputation on a powerful trading platform that offers the most advanced capabilities for options investors, as well as for trading equities, bonds, EFTs and futures.

Rather than re-branding with a double-barrelled or brand-new company name, the Monster seems to have happily moved into the House, as the companies have joined forces under one name: "OptionsHouse".

Considering that both OptionsHouse and tradeMONSTER were ranked extremely highly by Barron's (America's premier financial magazine), when it published its "Best Online Brokers of 2014", it seems likely that OptionsHouse will become even more impressive in the future.

We can imagine the skillful Monster re-modelling things from within (e.g., with its track-record of introducing desktop-style functionality on mobile devices). The OptionsHouse team have certainly been working hard to improve the online trading experience and make it easier for comprehend and follow.

For example, they removed the OPRA symbols from options order entry and replaced them with a plain English explanation of what is being bought or sold. Likewise, in the preview window, the language was also clarified to show if orders are a credit or debit, and if you are spending or receiving money. The team have promised to implement many more improvements and up-grades in the coming months (e.g., easier access to your dividend and earnings information).

All things considered, OptionsHouse is a great choice for new or experienced investors. The rich platform provides everything you need to analyze market conditions and quickly react in order to maximize your investments, while the supporting tutorials and guides provide deep insights into investment strategies.

Combined with the very competitive fees being charged, this makes OptionsHouse well-deserving of its highly respectable number one ranking in our top ten list of the best online trading platforms.

Why not try out their offer to "Trade Commission Free For 90 Days" and see for yourself what everyone is talking about.

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Please note that OptionsHouse has now been discontinued.

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