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Please note that MB Trading has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of MB Trading below, or check out the rest of the US Online Stock Trading Websites we've reviewed.

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MB Trading Review

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MB Trading is a very advanced trading platform that offers cutting edge tools to professionals that know what to do with them. We wouldn't recommend this platform to new investors as the learning curve can be pretty steep, but there is a range of very powerful tools on offer if you know how to use them. The prices can seem cheap at first, but there are some hidden extras to watch out for, so all in all this is one for the professional level traders out there.

MB Trading offers little in the way of an introduction to the markets for new investors. This a professional level trading platform and, as such, users are supposed to be familiar with trading and investing and all the jargon that goes along with it. The easiest to use of all the tools on offer is the web based trading application, but even this packs an impressive amount of functionality in. It's very well designed and easy if you know what you are doing, but not very forgiving if you don't. However, it does let you execute complex strategies and can be accessed from virtually any web browser, which is very handy if you don't always work from the same computer.

As well as a web based offering MB Trading also offers two desktop applications to choose from. Desktop Pro is the standard trading application that lets you do all the same stuff as the web application does plus a bit more. It's also slightly faster due to the fact it's running on the desktop, which is crucial if you need to act fast to make the most of a position. With screeners, analysis tools and a fully customizable user interface it provides everything a professional trader could need. The MetaTrader 4 application runs alongside Desktop Pro to provide direct ECN connections and execution without the deal-desk functionality.

The basic commision fees for MB Trading initially seem very low, but behind the advertised rates there are some extra fees which creep in to make it slightly more expensive. The fees depend on what and how much you're trading so it's difficult to do a direct comparison with other companies, but it does seem MB Trading is slightly on the high side when it comes to fees in return for the advanced tools on offer. Certain data feeds are free and included in an account, but for others you may have to pay up to sixty dollars to get them added. It makes sense to try and work out what you need and how much it will cost before signing up.

MB Trading is a high priced and powerful platform that we wouldn't recommend to those just starting out in investing. However, advanced traders will definitely find everything they need to make just about any type of trade in any type of investment or market they can think of. If you need something a bit simpler to start out with check out some of the products in our top ten for some of the best trading platforms we have found.

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Please note that MB Trading has now been discontinued.

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